About Us

We represent a select group of medical professionals that perform surgical treatments in various cities in Mexico.

We expect a high standard of quality and service

We only work with medical doctors and facilities that meet the same standards you would expect to find in the US and Canada
We specialize in dental, weight loss, plastic surgery and orthopedic services
We will make sure you receive the best treatment

My Mission

You are reading this because we have met in person at a particular event or because you were recommended by a friend or loved one.
My job is to help you determine which clinic and doctor to choose during your visit to Mexico. To do this I have researched many of both in order to narrow down the best locations and the most qualified specialists

Frank Nuñez

Frank Nuñez / Expert in Medical Tourism


We focus on your experience

We focus on your experience from start to finish. We welcome your feedback in order to continue finding the best options of care and the best doctors in each field. We take a personal approach to each and every client. We encourage you to take advantage of our knowledge and experience.


You are likely to save up to 70% when receiving treatment outside of the U.S. or Canada. My Medical Destination is completely free to you. We do not ask for membership fee or a one-time fee or any fee at all. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by letting us help you find the best option for treatment and allowing us to track your progress. Other facilitators will charge a fee. We don’t. Additionally, we are devoted to making this process for you a personal and comfortable experience.

Field’s knowledge

The quick success of MMD is a result of living in both countries and being 100% involved and informed in the medical field. We meet and evaluate the specialists according to the highest standards of care and operational excellence. We do not rely on what we see online or advertisements. We visit each and everyone of the facilities and doctors that we work with.

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We’ll help you find medical options that are more affordable but do not sacrifice quality. We represent a select group of medical professionals that practice in other countries, particularly Mexico.

* Accredited and registered surgeons
* Experience of 10 years minimum
* 90% or higher average review score
* Clinics and hospitals must follow American standards

Call: (619) 419 4438. Or, use the contact form below.