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We represent a select group of medical professionals that perform surgical treatments in various cities and countries. We expect the same high standards of quality and service just like you do.

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It was nothing like I’d expected and I’m very pleased with the post-surgical period. Thank you very much to Dr Jimenez for his great work. And, to Frank from MMD for his service in making this happen.


Leitha Klones, US.

After years of expensive US dentistry and failures and pain and infections, I finally had enough. I decided complete dentures was the answer for me. I talked to Frank, from My Medical Destination. I arrived on a Friday at Circle Dental. Impressions were taken in an extremely clean and professional setting. I was given a complete mouth exam with some medication and instruction to return the following day for the procedure. 


Dan Wallis, US.

I received the gastric sleeve surgery and can only ask myself “why didn’t I do this a long time ago?” I considered having the balloon insertion but quickly learned that I was a better choice to get the sleeve. Frank was kind to me on the phone and was so patient with all my questions. Also the beach house experience was great!


Claudia, US-MX

Very professional and friendly. I was sceptical first to get this procedure done in Mexico but their professionalism made everything perfect


Ismail, US.

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