A dental implant is the prosthetic replacement of a missing tooth in the mouth achieved by inserting a biocompatible metal abutment, usually titanium, in the bone. Thanks to this placement, it is possible to replace one, several or all of the lost teeth.

When there are no teeth in the mouth, the best option is to place implants that serve as the pillars upon which full dentures can be fixed. In this way, we ensure that the patient is able to eat any food with no difficulty.

In just one hour, we can make your teeth up to 5 shades lighter, using a safe and fast method. We rely on modern technology so that you can have a better smile.

Crowns are a highly aesthetic restorative method made with materials such as zirconia, metal-free porcelain and metal-porcelain, providing support and resistance to the tooth structure and an unbeatable appearance.

Dental veneers are small sheets of ziorconia, porcelain or resin, which cover the tooth through minimal wear, have impressive realism and generate a very great change in the patient’s self-esteem. They do not limit any of the person’s normal functions, such as eating, speaking, etc


We use latest generation nanohybrid resins that offer unrivaled aesthetics, high wear resistance and durability compared with other types of resins, bringing you a smile that will last for years.


Third molar surgery.

Third molar surgery is a procedure that involves removing these molars through minimally invasive surgery with local anesthesia, it does not require hospitalization and, with certain precautions, the patient can return to their normal activities between 24 to 48 hours.



Endodontic treatment and retreatment is conducted with a Clinical Dental Microscope which, together with the electronic locator, allows us to have a better view of the root surfaces and significantly increase the quality of endodontic treatment based on the magnification of the image and the increase in illumination, which helps us localize calcified conduits and thus have a better diagnosis of tooth fractures.



Periodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with diseases and specific conditions of the gum and bone (supporting tissue) around the teeth.
The most common disease is gingivitis, characterized by:

* Inflammation of the gums (increased volume)
* Redness
* Bleeding gums
* Bad taste
* Bad breath

This is generated by bacteria that all humans have in our mouths when there is not a proper and thorough method of hygiene through a proper and effective brushing and flossing technique.


Orthodontics is the specialty responsible for correcting anomalies in the position of teeth by means of fixed appliances, using various dental techniques depending on the case. We will help you have a better smile.


Oral prostheses.

An oral prosthesis is a specialty of dentistry which aims to restore functionality, aesthetics, comfort and safety to the patient through different designs and materials, according to the needs and physiological condition of each individual. At Odontología Especializada we are first of all interested in recommending what your mouth really needs, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each type of prosthesis, without resorting to economic tricks.

Removable prosthesis.

These are prosthetic devices that provide acceptable aesthetics and comfort which are characterized as being able to be removed and replaced easily. They are inexpensive and easy to clean, come in different types: metal, acrylic, combined (metal and acrylic), they are flexible and removable , each one of them with variants in terms of design, function, duration and quality of materials.

Fixed prosthesis.

The main feature of this type of prosthesis is that it is permanently united with your mouth. It is available in metal, metal-porcelain or metal-free such as zirconia, implant-supported, etc. This type of prosthesis can be applied to a single tooth (individual crowns) or to all of them, as long as the necessary conditions exist for its design. It lasts a long time and does not generate discomfort of any kind if it is well designed.

Complete dentures.

Providing total prosthetics is one of the most encouraging aspects of this work, since it not only gives function and aesthetics back to people who do not have any teeth, but also a large measure of self-esteem. These prosthetics can be fixed in the mouth using implants. At Odontología Especializada we have your best option.