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    Does this sound familiar...

    • I’ve tried endless diets and I still can’t lose weight
    • I exercise a lot and I can’t lose weight 
    • Overweight for far too long and I’m out of options

    ...then you need weight loss surgery!

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    Gastric Bypass

    • Impressive weight loss
    • Drastically reduce hypertension and heart disease.
    • Live a longer life and reduce risk of death by up to 40%
    • Reflux disorder relieved
    • No more knee and back pain.
    • Also, reduces thromboembolism

    Gastric Sleeve

    • Lose 70-80% of your extra weight.
    • Helps with remission of diabetes, hight blood pressure and other medical conditions 
    • Increase confidence and vitality

    Gastric Mini Bypass

    • Lose 80-90% of your excess weight
    • Expect the recovery to be quick and comfortable
    • Small incisions 

    Gastric Balloon

    • Non-surgical, non-intrusive
    • Procedure completed in 1/2 day
    • Orbera Gastric Balloon. FDA Approved

    Lap Band

    • Least invasive surgery for weight loss
    • No intestinal rerouting, no cutting or stapling of the stomach wall or bowel
    • Low risk of nutritional deficiencies 

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    • We have been providing life-changing bariatric surgery for a diverse range of patients.
    • We have performed thousands of bariatric procedures.
    • We give our patients the best quality and service.
    • Personalized attention.

    Melody M

    The help from My Medical Destination for the gastric sleeve was a wise choice. When I arrived and saw the clinic I was impressed. The staff’s attentiveness to my needs and the doctor’s candor left me at ease. My surgery went smooth, and my results are amazing! If you are looking to start your weight loss journey, I highly recommend working with Frank at My Medical Destination.

    John Begin

    There are many options and all doctors promise great things. The in house patient services manager was very clear. In fact, he was concerned with my health prior to surgery. He had me visit my local doctor to ensure I was good to go for preliminary testing. 2 months later I flew to TJ and met him and the Dr. I had an amazing experience to say the least, but the price was affordable for sure.